Sample Tuesday

I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year! Last year had so many personal highlights. It was super exciting and full-on.

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So, 2018, let’s get a first look at you … I’ve taken on a new project, with some quirky demands (but whatever lol). My writing continues, with a couple new releases planned for early up in the year. Including this one.

I should be dropping this full-length standalone shortly. This book has been a labor of love (I can tell you phew), stepping outside of the box for me as a romance writer, although of course it is essentially still a multi-layered love story, a kind of full-length saga …  yep, something personally very different.

Hope you enjoy this teaser my lovelies, and stay tuned for more updates re: release date, cover reveal.

Peace& love and every best wish for 2018 being ‘the’ year when all of your dreams come true!

Stay cool and keep in touch!



Work in Progress/New Release (still editing) … coming soon:


Knowing he was helping her move in this morning because he cared, made Vern feel all the more encouraged. The, now familiar, loving feelings coiled tight at her core, slowly started rising inside of her like a snake as she observed him.

His strong physique, his chiseled features and beautiful eyes, framed by thick lashes, his warm character, always attentive and kind; it was a magical combination. 

Where do you want these?” he asked, carrying two large sacks of flour into the kitchen. Vern’s eyes looked dazed, watching the muscles in his arm ripple and flex.

Umm … right here is fine,” she stammered, pointing to a ledge under the table. He’d caught her drooling over him again, and the frequency of the occurrence had to stop.

Vern cursed under her breath, drawing out of the way to let him pass. As she did so, his arm touched hers and a tingle shot the length of her spine.

Boy you got it bad, she thought to herself. It wasn’t even lunch time, but she already had lovin’ on the damn mind.

They did a real good job ’round here,” he said, placing the sacks down and admiring the finished renovations.

Yes, it looks even better than before the fire.” She replied, sounding breathless.

It feels like another time now, don’t it? Things feel more honest, more real somehow,” he commented, turning to face her.

I know, I feel it too. It feels right making good on new beginnings,” Vern breathed.

A wicked smile crossed his face, “new beginnings, eh? Now, I like the sound of that.”

Look at you, always reading something into things that …” she tried to finish, but her heart was pounding so hard, it was all up in her throat.

She’d been caught, doing exactly the same thing. Lustin’.

Her mind felt hot and flustered and it had nothing at all to do with getting to her baking, “What exactly do you want?” She sighed, trying to release some of the desire swirling inside.

I want a lot of ‘tings Miss Gibbons, a lot of ‘tings!”, he chuckled, coming closer, cornering her. “When I got out of jail, one thing I knew for sure was I never planned on going back! That’s one thing I can say. I know what I do not want. That kind of experience changes a man. It makes a man certain of what he wants. It makes the present, and what we have, here, right now, all the more important to me. It makes a man wanna settle down. Start thinking ’bout a family.”

Then I hope God will grant you all of those things.”

Perhaps he will, perhaps he will,” he repeated, drawing closer still until Vern’s breasts were pressed to the firmness of his chest, her body focused on the swelling hardness prodding the base of her stomach…” © L.S. Bergman 2018

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