Friday chillin’…

Yay, it’s Friday! I’m here writing at my desk, listening to music as per usual (checking out the album drop of the day ‘Revival’), and ended up reflecting (should be writing lol but … umm … anyway).

Here’s my Friday share #justlove.

One is a quote, the second, an activity, the third is more of a head~space, a frame of mind kinda thang, something I practice routinely.

One quote I live by …

Well, my favorite quote is a familial hand-me-down lol. This quote has informed nearly every friendship and work relationship I’ve ever had and underlines who I hold close. It is from my absolute fave … the great, the wonderful, the charismatic, the one and only ❤ … Maya Angelou.  So simple, and so so true.  The ‘wow’ factor never diminishes.  Trust your vibrations.


Love (27)

Comfort zones …

Anyone who knows me, knows I kind of travel a lot. But here’s the thing, in the beginning, I never liked it much. So, why continue to do more of it lol?

This answer is kind of upside down. I used to hate flying. It terrified me. Then, I ended-up living with and falling in love with someone who happens to love it, and who travels a lot because he has to. So, I knew this was no coincidence. Some higher power was pushing me to deal with my issue.

So, what I decided to do was concentrate only on the upside.

On the benefits of the end destination.

When I started thinking about these angles, the examples just didn’t stop flying at me (pardon the corny pun). I mean, I absolutely love meeting new people. Learning new languages and making an effort to try to understand very different cultures. If I didn’t get over my issue, I was gonna be missing out on some serious opportunity for growth, the kind of growth which takes you way out of your comfort zone. ‘Cos who said comfort zones are good? No one that’s who. We just sometimes get duped and ‘think’ they are, because they’re just so darn comforting lol. Anyway, I’m still not a great flyer, but I do it because the long-term benefits far out-way my passing irrational fears.

And finally,


The last, hopefully useful, Friday pause-for-positive-thought-moment, beautiful people, is … time

Taking a timeout, like right about now.

Maybe also going outside. Preferably in some fresh air. ‘Cos making a little time in your day, however you choose, to just ‘do you’. Something pleasurable.  It really helps me personally with my writing.

Learning to just be with yourself, being appreciative of who you are and the amazing journey which has taken you to where you are right at this given moment. It’s a beautiful thing. Give the thoughts spinning in your head a quick appraisal too while you’re at it, and get rid of any crappy thoughts, you know, the ones which are no longer serving you.

I do this kind of thing regularly. Embrace your beautiful uniqueness. Love yourself. Because there is absolutely ‘no one’ like you … You are awesome!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Blissful wishes from me to you.

Stay cool, stay joyful.

#HumbleThanks #JustLove ❤

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