Looking Back on 2017 …

So grateful for 2017, an amazing year of growth on many levels ... it was real cool.  Looking forward to keeping things one hundred in 2018 and continuing to zone into the kinds of love stories I want to tell, keeping full-center the fact that this writing gig is all about love <3. Have a [...]

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very 'Merry Christmas' ❤ thanks for riding with me in 2017 and supporting my work... Have a joyful time filled with love, peace and happiness. Peace & Love XOXO

My Christmas Gift to you!

Free today 12.22!!! Giving away my new release as a gift ... coming bundled-up in some big-up love with sprinkles of thankfulness for, what has personally been, an amazing writing year. 'Daring to Hold' is only one sweet click away, because it's Christmas, and it's a Christmas 'hot' love story that I hope you'll enjoy 😉 reading [...]

Joy this Christmas

Yep, today's pre-Christmas ramble is targeting 'Joy'! We're told that getting some is not only 'key' to enjoying Christmas but to life generally. If you want to live long, you better get busy with cultivating some joy! OK. Sounds good. But accepting such a presumption doesn't tend to make it any easier in terms of [...]

Friendship at Christmas

What is Christmas without a nice toasty love story lol?  I've been in serious reading mode and … writing mode. But … I've been also taking time to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. So, in the lead up to the weekend, I'll be exploring different aspects of what is to me the true essence of [...]

Friday chillin’…

Yay, it's Friday! I'm here writing at my desk, listening to music as per usual (checking out the album drop of the day 'Revival'), and ended up reflecting (should be writing lol but … umm … anyway). Here's my Friday share #justlove. One is a quote, the second, an activity, the third is more of [...]

A Christmas Short

“Yes, I want to know, Mr. Smith. I mean, excuse me for coming around like this, but when Julias starts missing school because of supposed illness, having had the best attendance in the class … well, naturally, I was worried.  But then I find out tonight, there ain't nothing wrong with him?” I said, managing [...]