Sample Sunday


Sample Sunday:

This sample is from my upcoming release ‘Daring to Hold’. This is Claudia and Stuart Simmons’ story … dropping Nov. 22. #BlackLove #LoveChancesSeries No. 5

I hope you’ll check it out #JustLove

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Daring to Hold, L.S. Bergman (available for Kindle Pre-order: )


What happens when a ‘dream life’ goes up in a puff of smoke?

Claudia Banks is about to inhabit just that reality. From the famous Anjou the cat-walk darling to a broken lonely woman, Claudia’s fall is not only swift and unexpected; it feels more than decisive. 

Stuart Simmons, musician, celebrity heart-throb and member of the popular band Soul&Ice has only ever been in love with one woman, except he hasn’t exactly divulged that fact. They’ve been riding together for years. Stuart remembers Anjou though, before the supermodel moniker, before all of the hype. When they were just kicking it together as plain ‘ole Stuart and Claudia. First-time kinda crushing.

Their climb to fame has been equally swift. Their rumoured relationship … sometimes ‘on’, sometimes ‘off’ … wayward and far from smooth. Living the high life, that’s just the way things tended to roll. Turbulent and fast. 

But what happens when things truly fall apart and crumble? 

Who and what really matters then?

Love Chances Series Book 5, a sweet Afro-Caribbean Novella


Sample Sunday:

Daring to Hold

L.S. Bergman #NewRelease Nov. 22

“Glancing around and knowing the lay of the land as well as she did, Dawn, who was putting a Lasagne into the oven, had set up a work station for her sister at the centre island, seeing that her interest in cooking had grown.

“So, this is me, I take it?” Claudia said, shuffling onto the stool in front of the colander.

Dawn paused to take her sister in, “Oh wow, you look great. Beautiful.”

Dawn’s eyes were dancing in their sockets as she spoke.

“I aim to please, in’it?”

The sisters chuckled.

“Did you get Jacob down alright?”

“No, he’s still fooling around with Sean in the den,” she said, stopping what she was doing. “Speaking of whom, I see you?” Dawn cooed, bending to peer at the swing door to the living room, as Jacob crawled through on all fours. Claudia giggled, as her nephew started his familiar unintelligible sounds … ducka da and mam ba which they were sure he was attempting ‘mama’ as it was always used in reference to Dawn.

Dawn scooped him up, laving him with kisses, before heading to the sink to wash his hands. “I got you all nice and clean and ready for bed, and at this rate you’re gonna need another bath. Where is your father?”

As if on cue, Sean drifted into the kitchen, dressed jeans-casual and looking incredibly handsome. One glance at Claudia, and he stalled. “Wait a minute, my sister-in-law finally back in the game?” he teased, giving Claudia a passing peck on her cheek. “You look very nice.”

“Thank you,” Claudia smiled, buffing him off in the direction of his wife.

“And you? Look edible,” Sean said, wrapping his son and wife in his strong arms and zeroing in on his wife’s mouth for his assumed need for sustenance.

Claudia looked away. She adored them as a couple, but being around them brought back memories, special places, feelings of a certain special someone she’d been trying hard to get out of her system. Memories that seemed to belong to another version of her, a part she’d been trying to lock away. Claudia still couldn’t utter his name without choking up.

It wasn’t like she could ever be jealous of what her sister had, because the old Claudia had never wanted what Dawn had wanted. Sure, Claudia had loved having a man at her side, but she’d never seen herself married, settled with kids. She wasn’t the marrying type. Her main man had satisfied all of her buttons, and, frankly, they’d never talked about it leading anywhere, about there being a ‘more‘. They’d just grown comfortable … enjoying the good times, smoothing over the bad.

Just then the doorbell rang, and Sean pulled away to answer it, “You want me to take Jacob?”

“No you get the door. He can stay with his mama for a while, give you a chance to catch-up,” Dawn winked, welcoming another parting kiss on the nose before gazing on lustfully as Sean drifted to the front-door.

“You’ve got it so bad,” Claudia interrupted Dawn’s hazy expression with a shake of the head, handing over the chopped salad ingredients for Dawn to put them together in the salad mixer.

“I do,” was all her sister proffered, putting her son back down to get on with the task at hand.

Claudia chuckled, watching as Jacob headed immediately in the direction his father had gone. “Shall I get him?”

“Yeah, that would be great,” Dawn smiled, swishing the mixer handle around, as the salad swished inside.

Jacob was thankfully very much at Claudia’s tempo, she smiled, calling to him as he shuffled determinedly forward in search of his dad. Every time she reached to pick him up, he managed to move just out of her grasp, until they’d crossed the entrance hall into the living room.

Claudia, oblivious to her surroundings, was grinning at Jacob’s effective side-shuffle technique, which was propelling him forward surprisingly fast.

Finally catching up to him before he got too close to the fire, crackling in the fireplace, she lifted him with the strength of her good arm before collapsing back into a large easy chair with Jacob squealing on her lap. “Where do you think you’re goin’, huh?” she tickled him, watching her nephew accomplish a yawn and a laugh in the same breath.

It wasn’t until, Jacob’s head collapsed against her shoulder, that Claudia’s mind focused on a familiar scent, her eyes dropping to the gorgeous face seated directly opposite, her jaw dropping in realization of who was seated on the couch with his eyes trained on hers. The name of the one man that had eluded her mouth’s function earlier.

Stuart Baruch Simmons.

Daring to Hold ©L.S. Bergman 2017 (edited)

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