New Release coming next week …

Daring to Hold - Ad1

It’s finally here!!! lol.  Yep, ‘Daring to Hold’ is coming out next week.  Release date: November 22nd! More updates to come, but just a little background teaser.

‘Daring to Hold’ is Stuart and Claudia’s turbulent love story.  You may remember Claudia, Dawn’s supermodel sister, popping up in Second Chances (Love Chances Series Bk1) and … well, Stuart Simmons, the gorgeous bass guitarist from Soul&Ice and Keith Parker’s best-friend (The Promise) doesn’t really need any introduction lol … so, anyway …

In this book, I’ve tried some new things both with the type of relationship I chose to unpack, and the way in which their story unfolds.  I’m always trying to improve and take a few risks … and this book speaks to that desire to keep growing as a writer.  For those who’ve shared this journey with me so far ❤ and read some of my previous books there will be some nice check-ins that I hope you’ll enjoy (no spoilers lol)!

So, let’s join Claudia and Stuart and share in their ‘Christmas’ love-vibe  as we tumble into the season of joy!

Peace & Love

L.S. Bergman

Love (25)



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