From Second Chances to The Promise

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If you’re looking for something a little different in the romantic genre, maybe this is for you. I’ve ended up on a writing journey, writing an Afro-Caribbean adult romance trilogy, set in London.

Second Chances was the starting point, followed by Lucid Dreaming, although each book can also be read as a standalone.

Second Chances is a mature take on the hard process of starting over after a long-term relationship has run its course. Never an easy task. But for Dawn, mother of two, her circumstances make it all the more challenging.

Lucid Dreaming is a young adult romance and tells the story of Jules Logan. This one is for the ‘outsider’ girls, the girls where a screw-up in life comes much easier than the straight and narrow. Like Second Chances, Jules and Aaron is an #AARomance with lots of heart and deeply buried secrets intent on surfacing.

The Promise is the coming full circle, so to speak. This is Keith’s HEA with a much younger Alessa Monroe at his side. Keith Parker is first introduced in Second Chances. He is unconventional for sure in the way he follows his desires but also unapologetic and tenacious in his quest to find true love, and hold onto it. The Promise – Tactics of Love is an #IRRomance.

I didn’t intend for these to become a series, but the interweb of connections means they can now be read as one. I fell in love with these characters, their ups and their downs. They helped further define why I LOVE what I do. For me, there is no greater joy than to write, write, write …

#gratitude #peace&love

If you want to check out this ‘series’, you can one click here,

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