Sample Tuesday

Today’s sample comes from my new release, The Promise – Tactics of Love. For those who’ve read ‘Second Chances’ this is ‘bad boy’ Keith Parker’s story. Alessa from ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and Keith had to have a book! Both are close to my heart and both deserve their HEA. I hope you’ll check my series out,

In the meantime, here’s a teaser for you. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Peace and love.

The Promise – Tactics of Love  by L.S. Bergman



“So you think I can’t do normal?” Keith asked giving me a slightly pissed side-eye, rubbing a hand over his perfectly toned chest, a chest I’d just feasted on, that was still capable of making me drool at the drop of a hat. But that was half an hour ago and this was now. Let’s just say, our present convo wasn’t going too well.

“I’m not saying can’t,” I replied, keeping my tone measured yet conciliatory. I didn’t need another argument, even if our personalities seemed to enjoy the banter and the make-up sex afterwards was super-superlative. We’d just gotten over the last Isaiah episode, when Keith dropped-by my work and noticed Isaiah, in passing, briefly rest his hand against the small of my back. Let’s just say, my man’s spat of undiluted jealousy was still simmering. I could tell me working closely with a man like Isaiah was testing every aspect of Keith’s sworn support for women’s liberation.

Keith Parker was a number. An enigma of sorts.

He loved nothing better than being surrounded by beautiful women. It was one of the perks of his job, super famous beautiful women like Jael. Yet, his own woman being around another gorgeous looking man? He became all he-man on my ass. Short of beating his chest or parading around in front of Isaiah like a charging bull, Keith Parker was peerless in his ability to move from grown man to infantile insecure chauvinist when it suited him.

His eyes still boring into mine, brought my attention back to the present.

What are you looking at?” I quipped.

He smirked, “You.”


Can’t I?” Keith’s smile broadened into a full-on wicked grin, with a myriad of seductive undertones.

Sure, but why like that? Like you want to eat me or somein’?”

Maybe I do,” he chuckled, swiping his thumb over his bottom lip and scratching the side of his face in contemplation. “But if the truth be known, I love looking at a beautiful woman, and you may well be the prettiest I’ve ever seen.”

You can sure spin ’em, just to change the subject,” I laughed, knowing full well what he was doing. Keith was adept at changing the subject, whenever I’d hit a nerve. He was capable of pulling one-line wonders out of thin air. Lines that usually made me hot and bothered, and let’s just say… distracted.” The Promise, Tactics of Love ©L.S. Bergman

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