Sunday Teaser

My Sunday Teaser is from my #NewRelease, Lucid Dreaming.


How best to describe it? You know the feeling when you get caught in someone, like a compulsive magnetism where you know there’s just no escaping or going back.

Well, Aaron has just caught that bug…

Lucid Dreaming:

Aaron spent what felt like hours looking at Jules. As she slept, he took his time committing every aspect of her face to memory. His heart felt full to bursting, and it was all because of the woman he was currently holding in his arms.

By the time he left Jules’ flat that night, he was sure of a great many things.

Top of the list was a clear observation. First off, he’d done the right thing. What he was feeling for Jules felt too heavy to be reckless. And, secondly, nothing about Jules Logan was going to be easy. Nothing.

She had been hurt by all accounts, and perhaps often. But irrespective of her past, she wasn’t any damaged goods. In his eyes, Jules was a sparkling diamond. Perfect. His greatest challenge would be getting her to accept exactly how much he believed she could shine.’

Lucid Dreaming © 2017 L. S. Bergman

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