Sample Sunday


Happy New Year! Here’s hoping for a peaceful, happy and love-filled 2017. Today’s sample is from Lucid Dreaming, which I’ll be releasing in a ‘lil bit!

Lucid Dreaming tells the story of Jules Logan, an oft fickle, creative soul, in desperate need of some love and understanding, who’s had her fair share of life’s hard knocks. Her defense mechanism? To live life on her terms. None of which involves any concept of a relationship. But, things change.

Lucid Dreaming is a lovestory with darker themes. This is Jules’s story, a story of struggle, pain, rejection but ultimately redemption. Because everyone is deserving of a second chance.

Sample Sunday from Lucid Dreaming:

He chuckled. “You’re a risk-taker.”

“Unrepentently so.”

“Except when it comes to me, right? Last night, you bailed!” Aaron’s head fell back against the booth, with a quizzical look on his face, as the waitress approached.

Jules was going to say something, but she shut her mouth. She watched his eyes light-up, evidently enjoying the fact that he’d rendered her speechless. The pause in conversation was good for something though.

Jules took the opportunity to check him out, taking in his navy cashmere sweater which clung to a chest she’d shamelessly felt-up last night. She knew it to be gorgeous. His features, indeed every detail of the man, was being once again saved to memory, his flawlessly smooth caramel complexion and chiselled features, his eyes framed by thick, long lashes, hypnotic eyes. Beautiful eyes. Her heart quickened.

“I had my reasons,” Jules said, clenching her thighs together, hoping he hadn’t noticed. Thoughts of cutting to the chase and having a wild romp with Aaron were making her dizzy.

“Hi, are you ready to order?” the waitress interjected.

Saved by the bell.

Aaron was about to say they weren’t, but Jules piped in anyway.

“I’ll take my usual. A glass of sparkling water with a slice of lemon, and the medium-rare Sirloin with the green side-salad without the potato wedges.”

“And, for you, Sir?”

“The same sounds good, but I’ll take the wedges, and a tall house lager,” Aaron said, smiling, as he pointed at the items on the menu card with an occasional glance at the waitress. He wasn’t flirting, just being friendly, but friendliness was enough to do it.

The waitress lingered a smidge too long, smiling sweetly back, totally captivated by his attention.

Jules rolled her eyes. Fishing her phone out of her bag, she shot Pete a quick text to say his bike was safe, she’d been delayed by dinner, but everything was right as rain.

“You’ve got somewhere you need to be?” Aaron asked, relaxing back against the soft red leather of the booth.

“Nope. Just a friend.”

He nodded, amused by her evasiveness.

“Does everything I do amuse you?”

“No, not everything,” he said, his eyes still dancing playfully.

“Then what?”

“Are you seeing somebody?” he asked flatly.

Jules sucked in a breath. It would be so easy to blow him off right now and put an end to this, to paddle her throbbing heart back into calmer waters, but she knew she didn’t want to…

No,” she breathed. “I mean, I recently broke it off. It wasn’t serious.”

He nodded, reflecting on her words, her body language, as if he was deciphering layers of meaning. “Funny, ’cause I haven’t worked this hard to get a girl just to talk to me in a long while. Especially when it’s obvious we’re both feeling the same way.”

“Now that is funny, ’cause, as far as I remember, I can’t remember telling you squat about how I feel.”

“You don’t have to. I’m here because you bailed, remember? There was last night, and then there’s what I see right now.”

Jules snorted out a laugh, as their drinks were placed in front of them. Arrogant much?

“So what exactly do you do, Aaron…?” Forget arguing…

Simmons. Aaron Simmons. I’m a film cutter, and digital artwork designer.”

Jules eyes lit up, her annoyance quickly evaporating. “Wow, cool. Film? I’m hoping to be a proper actress one day. I’ve already been in a few plays.”

“Cool. You see? Fate!”

Jules chuckled, as she took a sip from her glass.

“What are you working on now?” he asked keen to pursue the first chance he’d gotten to lower her defenses.

“Ummm… actually it’s kind of a long story, I got a little derailed. I’m plugging a rough spell with the job at the flower shop and helping out at my Uncle’s place. You probably know it. The Caribbean restaurant, La Creole, up in Finsbury Park?”

He nodded, cocking his head and giving her a look of appraisal. “Huh… you definitely have what it takes,” he said, his eyes darkening, laced with double meaning.

Jules struggled to focus. “I want to believe you, and would, if it wasn’t for the fact that most people think my dream is unrealistic.”

“Why do you care what people think?”

“I don’t…usually,” she paused, feeling she should leave it at that, except, she felt compelled to continue, to share information about her life with a man she barely knew. “But when it’s a dream you’ve held onto since forever, and people put you down long enough, well…it’s pretty easy to believe it ain’t gonna happen. Right now, having messed-up a few times, I’m just happy to be in a place where life feels back on an even keel.”

“Look at me, Jules,” Aaron said, reaching out and placing a finger on her chin and raising her head. “Don’t give up on your dreams. Acting is a diverse field. It isn’t just about talent and an incredibly beautiful face, and reaping external accolades. It’s also about attitude, seeking out what works for you and having the courage to roll with it once you’ve found it. Your attitude reflects your soul, and ‘that‘ is what ultimately will define you. Stop listening to others, and listen to you.”

They were staring directly into each others eyes now, and all Jules could concentrate upon was the sizzling sensation of his soft touch caressing her cheek, his magnetic eyes, and the warming sensation at the base of her stomach. This man could really make her start to believe that perhaps things were still possible, that her ship hadn’t sailed. A smile cracked the corner of her mouth as their food came.

“Food for thought. You got me there,” she said with a hesitant smile. “I guess I have a ways to go.”

Aaron nodded his thanks to the waitress, who shot him back an appreciative lopsided smile.

Turning back to Jules, his expression told her he wasn’t done. “You’ll get there. I have total faith in you.”

Jules’s jaw dropped. No one had ever said that to her before. No one had ever had ‘faith‘ in her, besides Alessa. And, even if they’d thought it, like Joe, no one had ever uttered it. She didn’t know what to say.” Lucid Dreaming © 2017 L. S. Bergman,

(still in edit)

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